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Natalia Vesga holds a Master of Music in Literature and Performance (MMus) with emphasis in Collaborative Piano from Western University, where she was awarded a full scholarship and studied with John Hess.

She received her undergraduate degree in Piano Performance from the A. M. Valencia Conservatory in Cali, Colombia, under Maria Isabel Benítez.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There Natalia won the Revive Our Music Research-Performance Competition, 'Revivamos Nuestra Música', led by the National University of Colombia - and was selected to record unpublished music by early 20th Century Colombian composers.

​Throughout her musical career Natalia has pursued a parallel interest in piano pedagogy. In twenty years of teaching she has coached students of various ages, levels and abilities. Over the years she has continued to update her knowledge of current educational practices through different music and piano pedagogy courses, in order to develop efficient teaching skills and broaden her insights into how students learn best, and how to make the learning experience enjoyable for different individuals.

​​Collaborative Pianist

Natalia has ample experience playing with various instrumentalists of different levels in studio classes, Royal Conservatory examinations, and university exams and recitals. She has collaborated with choirs and baroque ensembles, and coached singers for opera and studio recitals.

"My daughter has learned piano with Natalia for the past 6 years, since she was 10 years old.  Natalia always encouraged her to choose pieces that spoke to her so that she would find the joy in playing.  Natalia’s love for music is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from them.

Through the past two years of the pandemic she has seamlessly moved into virtual teaching without any disruptions.  My daughter really appreciated Natalia’s firmness while being respectful and gentle. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughter and the joy music has brought to our family."

Student's parent


  • Music can be fulfilling and transformative when we express ourselves through sound with fluency and physical freedom. Mastering the art of playing this way opens the door to a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

  • I use an approach where the comprehension of musical elements, creativity, active listening and technical foundation are key parts of the learning experience.

  • I encourage exploration and initiative during the lessons, and provide listening and practice strategies for the students to develop self-direction in learning at an early stage.

  • An important goal in my teaching is that students engage at a physical, mental and emotional level with their pieces so they learn to play expressively. There’s a focus on understanding the interaction of music elements and moods, the use of stories and images linked to the music and the awareness and control of physical movements. 

  • In providing feedback I aim for constructive language that encourages students to listen to themselves actively and motivates them to make improvements in their playing. I strongly believe a friendly, stress-free environment allows students to feel uninhibited to make mistakes and ask questions - both indispensable steps for learning.

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