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Piano Studio

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RCM, Music Theory and more


Students of all ages explore different musical styles, develop creativity and musical expression while learning to play with physical freedom.

We offer preparation for the Royal Conservatory and Conservatory Canada examinations, Music Theory and more.

5 to 7-year olds  learn to play piano through stories and interactive lessons.

Studio General Info



Piano lessons are currently offered in the Alta Vista area of Ottawa.

Lessons Length


Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, depending on the students’ age and ability.


During the Lesson

In a lesson, students typically learn a piece, review or polish previously learned pieces, and work on a combination of supplementary activities to strengthen several musical skills and make lessons more enjoyable.


Types of Instrument


The choice of instrument makes a big difference on how students engage during the lessons and how skills develop over time. Acoustic pianos are superior when it comes to developing musical skills.  However, hybrids and good quality electronic keyboards with 88 weighted keys can be a temporary alternative. 

Practice Tips


The habit of practicing needs first to be created, then developed overtime. Parents can be of great support to their children in this. Including a regular practice routine in the weekly schedule is the start to help them develop the time management skills necessary to play a musical instrument.


An environment free of distractions is key when it comes to piano practice. 

A goal-oriented practice focused on solving specific problems is more time efficient and brings much better results than simply repeating pieces from beginning to end.


"Natalia has been teaching piano to our daughter Adriana (age 8) for the past two years. She has a very kind and gentle approach with children and Adriana has come a long way under her guidance, even in a virtual setting. What I value the most about Natalia as a teacher is not only that our daughter is learning the technical skills, but Natalia places a strong focus on the musicality and feel of the music as well as music appreciation. She teaches her how to elevate the notes off the page, even at the beginner level. I would highly recommend Natalia as a teacher, we are grateful to have found her."

Student's parent

"My daughter has learned piano with Natalia for the past 6 years, since she was 10 years old.  Natalia always encouraged her to choose pieces that spoke to her so that she would find the joy in playing.  Natalia’s love for music is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She encourages students and coaxes the very best effort from them.

Through the past two years of the pandemic she has seamlessly moved into virtual teaching without any disruptions.  My daughter really appreciated Natalia’s firmness while being respectful and gentle. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughter and the joy music has brought to our family."

Student's parent

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